Sunday, 24th April 2022 was a day like no other….On this particular afternoon,  I was excited since I was going to participate in the Xtreme Squid Games – Kenyan edition with other Rotaractors. The anticipation to meet members of my club, the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central (RCNC) for the first time was killing me although I didn’t know who or what to expect.

When I got to the venue at Diamond plaza, I was welcomed by the costumed squid game guys who were in red and masked. The experience started to feel more real. The building-up tension was cleared after the organizers, led by one Mr. Noor, gave a welcoming speech assuring us that the games were supposed to be for fun and a little competition as well. Since most teams were not ready to start in the stipulated time, I took that chance to make new friends and also get to know some members of my team. Members of the RCNC proved to be warm and diverse through their different experiences that I got to pick from the conversations we stirred. I instantly felt like part of a family that I would love to be part of because their vibe was just on another level. What is an event without memories? After a few chit-chats, we took a few pictures for memories in the squid game tracksuits, and soon afterward, the games began.

When the first game “Red light, Green light” began, most teams were excited. I was so tense because I needed to concentrate until the finish line. The zeal for reaching the finish line was immense and I felt the tension coming out of me. All this while, a bundle of joy crept through me after going through the first hurdle of the day successfully. Throughout the subsequent games, I enjoyed myself immensely due to the thrill that came with each game. Teamwork was evident during the ‘Tag of War” game. Here, we had to converge as a team and strategically plan how we would defeat our opponents. This is because the game is first won in the mind before going to the battlefield. Thanks to proper planning and the correct mindset we managed to win as a team. This was the most fulfilling thing for me.  

Making it to the final game was something I had not anticipated nor thought of, as possible. Being in the spotlight made me do my best not only for myself but also for the entire team of RCNC.  I proudly took the day as the only lady that remained till the finals and also put my team in the spotlight as the third-best team.

At the end of the day, I sat in reflection and realized the importance of just showing up and giving your best in everything you put your mind and heart into. Despite being a guest at RCNC, I have gotten to grow as a person through events organized by the club. I’ve participated in new exciting activities and networked, which I believe is key since people are the biggest assets you can ever invest in.

My journey has just begun. I can’t wait to see what the club has to offer in my journey of personal growth and development. Further, I’m eager to explore various ways in which I can contribute to the growth of RCNC as well. Viva RCNC!

Article By:

Joyce Karimi

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