Rotary is unique in many ways. There is nowhere else where our uniqueness is highly depicted as in our leadership structure. Every year, clubs carry out elections to choose who amongst their members will take on the leadership mantle three years from the day they were elected. The Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central is no different. This February we are honoured to present to you the men and women who will be taking over the mantle of leadership come 1st July 2021.

President 2021/2022

Ruth Kihoro, Quantity Surveyor & Project Manager

Ruth is the smiley girl next door. Her simple yet elegant demeanor will make you recognize her presence. Until some time last year, she was our last born. Ladies and gentlemen, Ruth will be our Club President come 1st July 2021. She has had quite the journey in Rotary; starting at the Interact Club of The Kenya High School where she served as the Vice President (2012 – 2014) and later took over as the club President (2013 – 2014). After completing high school she transitioned to the Rotaract Club of Nairobi.

Her journey at RCNC has been a rollercoaster of leadership responsibilities. Over the course of her membership, she has served in the following positions; 

  1. Assistant Club service director RCNC 2015-2016
  2. Community Service Director RCNC 2018-2019
  3. Professional development and leadership director RCNC 2019-2020
  4. Green Rotaract Concept District Treasurer and Fundraising Director 2019-2020
  5. District Interact Chair 2020-2021
  6. President-Elect RCNC 2020-2021

Her highlight has been being part of the Elimu Magerezani project which covers four borstal institutions across the country. She always looks forward to organizing the visits and interacting with the officers and the boys and girls within the institutions, alumni of the institutions and Rotaractors from other clubs. In her own words, the project has taught her to listen to other people’s stories and learn their perspective. Nothing is black and white. You should always look for the story behind the person.

What I have learnt through Rotaract is to open myself to all possibilities. In the uncertainties are where adventure and growth awaits.”

Ruth Kihoro

As she starts her term, she looks forward to an engaging year for members and guests of RCNC through committees, activities and projects.

“We all have dreams and goals that Rotaract can help us achieve and I want that for all at RCNC.”

Ruth Kihoro

PRESIDENT 2022/2023

Steve Maina, News Video Editor

Our President Nominee’s official name is Steve Maina, ignore the rumours you have heard in the streets! We all join Rotaract for many reasons and believe it or not, Steve joined Rotaract because he believed we would help him get a Schengen Visa.

Steve started his journey at Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central in 2018. During his membership period, Steve has actively served the club in the following dockets:

  1. Fundraising Director 2019/2020
  2. Vice President 2020/2021

Steve will be serving as our President in the Rotary year 2022/2023.

Some of the highlights he has had during his time in Rotaract are:

  • The Sunshine Rally on February 16th, 2019 at Jamhuri grounds Ngong’ road. As he says, “Lord, this was a whole cocktail of emotions and as a professional guest of RCNC, the event rubber-stamped my commitment to community service under Rotaract.”
  • Moderating The Hot Seat on September 13, 2019, with USIU.
  • In October 2019, I joined the Rotaract Club of Accra Labone in a community service project in Accra,  Ghana, while on a work assignment. They were renovating 170 beds in a local dispensary and the smiles on the patients receiving new beddings almost moved me to tears!
  • Penda Yatima Children Home visit in Naivasha in December 2019 was humbling. The team did their best rekindling hope for the children. 
  • Moderating the Annual Awards Dinner in 2019 was humbling. I bought a bowtie and wore suspenders for the first time ever! 
  • Mentorship at Kenya High and ACK Ukia School in Makueni was also amazingly impactful. 
  • I recently got an interesting breakthrough out of Rotaract after struggling to get a Schengen Visa for almost a whole year unsuccessfully. Mutaiti suggested I should mention Rotaract and Rotary in the consular visits and voila! Their faces brightened up upon hearing what we do at RCNC, especially the signature project and that is how I got my Schengen visa almost two days before departure! See Lord! Rotaract opens opportunities – literally!
  • Every time we conduct an auction and I happen to be moderating, I feel the adrenaline of simply being at home and connecting with family and friends of RCNC.
  • Elimu Magerezani has been close to my heart. The impact it holds and the potential it shares in giving those kids a second chance almost moves me to tears. I have attended close to all the visits and each time, the impact is phenomenal.

Steve says Rotaract has made him see the world in a different perspective. It has enhanced his networking skills and revamped his commitment in community service. During his term he looks forward to impacting the community further, soaring RCNC to the next level, revamping our donations to TRF and just more fun and more food.

“It’s not the best yet! There’s still more to do and much more to learn in Rotaract!”

Steve Maina


James Supeyo Kibiro, Civil Engineer

Supeyo is the incoming Vice President 2021/2022. His journey in Rotaract began in 2017 after getting an invite from one of his high school mates. During his journey in Rotaract, he has served in the following positions:

  1. Assistant Public Relations Director (2018/2019) 
  2. Public Relations Director (2019/2020 and 2020/2021)

His major highlight in Rotaract has been the many opportunities to attend numerous events and making new friends.

In Rotaract, I have made meaningful friendships with strangers who later become family.” 

James Supeyo

His key lessons gained from his Rotaract experience can be summarised into two points only:

  1. Opportunities in Rotary/ Rotaract come dressed like work; 
  2. The more you give to Rotary/Rotaract, the more you get.

As he starts his term, he looks forward to offering more value to our members and guests and elevating our club within Africa!

SECRETARY 2021/2022

Susan Maina, Lawyer

Susan has experienced Rotaract from the days she was a fresher at Riara University. Susan was an active member of the Rotaract Club of Riara University where she served as the Vice President and later as the Club President in the year 2018/2019. She later transitioned to the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central. At RCNC, she has been serving as the Assistant Secretary in the current year 2020/2021 and will serve as the Club Secretary from 1st July 2021.

Her highlight in Rotaract has been the opportunity to meet amazing humans!

She says Rotaract has taught her to experience people and all their amazing attributes. As she starts her term, she looks forward to finishing the term successfully.


Caroline Koki Makewa, Accountant.

Caroline first joined the Rotaract family through Rotaract club of the University of Nairobi- Lower Kabete where she served as the Vice President and thereafter as the Club President. She later on transitioned to Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central where she is currently the Assistant finance director 2020/2021 and will be serving as the Finance director 2021/2022.

Caroline’s highlight in Rotaract was her installation party and the lit DCA at the coast. She says she also enjoyed every moment of her presidential year, all the highs and the lows.

“Rotaract has taught me to be appreciative of the things we think are normal and hence take them for granted. Also, there’s always something new to learn from everyone you meet.”

Caroline Koki

As she starts her term, she looks forward to the ride, and just like most of us, she is hoping we would be back to physical meetings and fellowships soon.

As you prepare to take over the button of leadership in the coming months, we pray that your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. 

Article written by;

Rtr. Sylvia Kwamboka

Member, Rotaract club of Nairobi Central.

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