President Ruth Kihoro

By the time I’m penning this reflective article, it’s been two months into the new Rotary year and my presidency. I have put off jotting down this article for two full months…’sema procrastination’ but it is not in bad faith. I wasn’t sure where to begin. Having said that, I hereby invite you to join me through this journey and, to sweeten the ride, let’s take a tuk-tuk. Shall we? 

The experience of Presidency at the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central (RCNC) is quite different from what I had envisioned. People now pick my calls and say “Hello madam president” or “Habari ya prezzo”. This leaves me smiling and laughing…those are the easy days. Hard days are where I must address like a gazillion things, of course, they are not that many, but it feels that way. Trying to juggle between my formal employment and my Rotaract job…To be honest, I’m still struggling to find my balance. But I’m affirmative. I will – somehow.

From the moment I joined RCNC in December 2014 to the point I was officially inducted into the club in April 2015, close friends always told me that I’d make it to Club Presidency one day. Well, that’s not far-fetched, I do love leading people, especially to achieve something impactful, and somehow always end up being entrusted to lead my peers. Each year I was nominated for the presidency but as you probably figured out, I never won. With each year of nomination, the aspiration died out and seemed like a dream so close yet so far. Nonetheless, fate had other plans.

The day I was voted to be the President Nominee at RCNC, I was at home nursing cramps and my friend informed me of the news. Maybe I had blocked my dreams by being present during the club elections – I guess I should’ve missed the elections earlier because this catapulted me into Presidency. However, this significant event didn’t quite sink in until I assumed the title “President-Elect”. At that point, it became real and vivid. Something about hearing your name together with references on the future of the club made it hit that I needed to get ready (and summon my ancestors and aliens to help me through this voluntary role. LOL)

Fast forward to June 2021 when the baton was officially passed on to me during our online presidential handover meeting. This day remains engraved in my bubbly and blissful soul because of two distinct reasons; My face ranged from a pink to red, the problem of having a light complexion, due to nervousness, and also; the overwhelming nature of the daunting task that had finally arrived. I kept fanning myself to maintain my cool…literally.

Disclaimer; Christmas is less than three months away! Imagine! Okay. Thank you for your audience up to this point and allow me to take you a bit further on this journey. Or is it an odyssey? Maybe, maybe not.

The month of July 2021 went on smoothly and was quite an eventful one. My Vice-President, Supeyo James, is such a superstar and it warms my heart to say that he is both the engine and the heart of my presidency. James’ organizational skills are unparalleled and enviable, and this makes my Rotaract calendar organized. He is always within reach and is always up for a discussion on Rotaract matters. Between me and you, James is the diplomat in this presidential team and I thank God for him.

The installation sealed the deal. Taking an oath in front of family and friends made things super official, I wonder if this is how taking vows at my wedding will feel like. We are now at our destination; I’m finally president, and my biggest job is holding the hand of my board of directors to make their dreams come true. To the RCNC Family; this is just the beginning.  We’re just getting warmed up! So, join in the bandwagon, and together as Rotaractors, let’s trailblaze our way into history as we serve to change lives! One Love everyone!

Article by;

Ruth Kihoro (Rtr)

President, Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central (2021/2022)

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