Club Committees

Committees help the club carry out activities and projects. The club has six standing committees:

• Professional and Leadership Development

• Community Service

• International Service

• Club Service

• Fundraising

• Public Relations

• Finance

Professional and Leadership Development Committee

This committee helps members to understand the work environment and business opportunities within their community. As a club, we meet on Tuesdays fortnightly at the Laico Regency Hotel, Nairobi from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM for our club meetings and fellowships. The advantage of being in a Rotaract club is having a network of Rotarians (members of Rotary clubs) to communicate with and learn from. Examples of Rotaract-Rotary professional development activities include mentorship programs, networking mixers and Rotarians attending our meetings as guest speakers.

Some of the signature programs under professional development include the annual Interact Careers Fair, a development and mentorship program hosted to benefit students in high schools, including our partner Interact Clubs (Interact is a Rotary sponsored program for young people of secondary school ages 12-18). The club also recently launched a mentorship program with our Sponsoring Rotary Club for the benefit of members.

Our club’s leadership development activities aim not only to make members more effective leaders in their personal lives, but also to teach them how to develop and sustain strong clubs with relevant projects. Important topics addressed in training club leaders include:

Improving public speaking skills
• Developing techniques for marketing the Rotaract program to potential members
• Identifying channels for project publicity and promotion
• Finding financial resources for strengthening club development
• Delegating project responsibilities and ensuring necessary follow-up
• Assessing project success

Community Service Committee

As a volunteer service organization, community service is key to the club. We develop plans for community service projects that address real needs and align with Rotary’s six areas of focus, and successfully carry them out. Rotary’s six areas of focus are:

• Peace and conflict resolution
• Disease prevention and treatment
• Water and sanitation
• Maternal and child health
• Basic education and literacy
• Economic and community development

Every single club has a signature community service project, and the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central’s current signature project is the annual books drive and distribution project dubbed “Elimu Magerezani Project” in partnership with borstal institutions (youth correctional facilities) in Kenya.

Our previous signature project was the award winning “A Girl A K A Year” Sanitary Towels Distribution Project (H-Pads). The project provided underprivileged girls within different institutions across Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania with one year’s supply of hygienic sanitary towels, four pairs of underwear and a health education manual. Since its inception, the project has managed to reach out to more than 4,000 girls. The project was awarded The Rotaract Outstanding Project Award – 2014 Sub Saharan Africa Districts by the Rotary International as well as the Best Community Service Project by Rotary District 9200 in the Rotary Year 2011/12.

International Service Committee

Being an international organization, Rotaract brings together interactions between different clubs in different countries and regions all over the world, promoting international understanding among club members and in communities. Some of our signature international service events include:

• The annual visit to Ssese Islands in Uganda, in partnership with the Rotaract Club of
Kampala Ssese which is our twin Rotaract club in Uganda

International service is also responsible for getting members and guests to attend District events (Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Eritrea is paired as District 9212) like the annual DCA (District Conference and Assembly), country events like Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), regional events like REACT (Rotaract East Africa Impact Project) and international events like the annual Rotary International Convention.

Club Service Committee

No club is complete without a social and fun aspect. Club service serves to bring Rotaractors and guests closer to one another through social and informal activities. Some of fellowship activities we do include, but are not limited to: meals at restaurants, theme parks and picnics, night outs, sports and games (playing and/or watching) and many other community events.
As a club, we have signature annual club service events, which include:

• The Annual Alumni and Awards Gala Dinner
• The Annual Karaoke
• The Annual Installation Ceremony
• Induction of new members
• Monthly hangouts and random plots
• Members welfare activities

Finance Committee

The finance committee decides how the club will fund its activities, collects district and club dues and maintains the club’s ability to support itself.

Fundraising Committee

The fundraising committee key responsible is seeking in-kind and monetary donations from businesses and organizations to help fund the club’s signature projects.

Public Relations Committee

The public relations/ Image committee ensures the story of Rotary, Rotaract and the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central is well told to the world. The committee comes up with content to engage members, guests, etc. in either print and/or digital forms.