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This year on the 20th of November, I commemorated 2 years since I was first inducted into the Great Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central. 2020 has been and will go down in history as one of the  toughest years ever, and looking back it might be a bit hard to see the good that may have happened. It does not help that even on a personal level I feel like as a member I may have not contributed as much to the club, leave alone resigning from the club admin barely 3 months into the job (Story for another day, maybe). But wait, there should be some good somewhere in there.

I fear I might need a magnifying glass to see the good, ha! I kid you not. The Lord is good, fear is just a natural mental construct and the good has a way of shining, even dimly awaiting its turn. Being a Rotaractor is a good thing. It has to be a good thing. You get to wear a shining pin and attend events: that you pay for :-), and have loads of fun with awesome people. Still not good enough?

Lets try again. When I was inducted I became part of something, part of a family that by definition goes out of its way to touch and enrich communities for the better. I got involved in projects where after meticulous planning and preparation, we got to put a smile on a complete stranger, maybe even impacting a change in their life and perspectives. I got to participate in events where I made memories for life. I have made friends who come through upon a call to M-pesa me cash in emergencies, without expecting explanations or interest on refunds.

I have gotten to see what a whole fulfilling life is all about. What it is like having people to lean on when your life house is burning down and is not stable. Having a place to go to matters advisement through our very able mentors who happen to be in our mother club, the Rotary Club of Nairobi, and not feeling guilty for not having anything to give in return. Having people who do not sugar coat your weaknesses and call you out on character you need to amend. It is a place you get challenged to be better, do better, and give better till you are the best version of yourself.

The two years have been a learning experience that even if it was a school-oriented course, no fee amount would be befitting. When the world paused in early 2020, Rotaractors were part of the smaller percentage that quickly adapted to the ways of doing things that were not as familiar. Project planning and execution did not stop. Meetings were not postponed but people learned how to meet and have fun virtually while still supporting each other. Despite not having physical installations which are highlights for any Rotaract club, I have seen clubs grow stronger in togetherness. I have seen innovation in fundraising means used for club projects used to continue impacting the community.

Has there been some or a lot of good? I’d say loads and loads of good, despite the bad. Sometimes all we need is to smile and remember the good times. That way the cold times do not overshadow the warmth in our hearts.

So smile, there was some good, and some more good will come. It is in the darkness that we look for the light, even as dim as it might be. Hugs…


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